You Can Do More Than You Might Zinc!

It's important for metal parts manufacturers to understand that, in many cases, it's impossible to prevent corrosion forever. This is especially true for parts that are exposed to extremely harsh environmental conditions. Fortunately, zinc plating can extend the time...

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Track Your Products with Plating Central

You might not know this, but you can log onto our website at any time to check on all sorts of things, including: Where your product is in the plating process Your invoices Your account statements To access this, just click on CONTACT US and then PLATING CENTRAL in...

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Surprise! Here’s a Way to Avoid Surprises

One of our favorite business quotes is, "I hate surprises, because 99% of surprises are bad surprises!" At Plateco, we go to great lengths to avoid ever having to surprise our customers with bad news, especially having to tell them that a cost estimate we gave them...

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Give Your Heat Treatment the Royal Treatment

Many of our customers send us heat-treated hardened steel parts. And we love working with those parts! But if there are any process control issues with the heat treatment that create a carbon-rich surface, this can cause significant problems with the part's surface...

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Your Parts Love Clean Sheets

You'd be surprised what a big impact a seemingly small thing can have on plating quality. Many of our customers ship us parts in wooden crates with each layer of parts resting on a cardboard sheet. However, many parts leave our customers' factories with oil residue on...

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Good Drain, No Pain!

Exceptional plating quality is a shared responsibility between the plater and the customer. To be sure, most of the responsibility is ours, but there are things you can do that will enable us to give you the best results possible. If the part you're having plated is...

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