Why Zinc & Why Plateco?

Zinc: The ultimate plating material.

Zinc platingZinc plating provides a soft, ductile, functional, and even decorative corrosion-resistant finish that protects steel products from red corrosion by sacrificing itself to the steel and corroding before the base metal can. No material can match it for coverage or value.

Unlike most other commonly used metal finishes, zinc has the ability to protect the substrate even if it’s been compromised. The protection is accomplished by a galvanic reaction between the steel substrate and the zinc coating.

Because steel is more noble than zinc, the zinc sacrifices itself to the steel and corrodes before the base metal and thereby protects the steel. The zinc is usually further protected by the addition of a chromate film, and sometimes even more by the addition of a topcoat over the chromate film.

Plateco: The ultimate plating company.

Unlike many other plating companies, we don’t offer silver plate, copper plate or iron phosphate plate services. We don’t dabble in a wide variety of metal plate services, and we’re not a “jack of all trades” metal finishing company.  Our total focus is on zinc plating of steel parts. And we’re pretty sure there’s not another zinc plating company on the planet that comes close to our combination of zinc plating technology, planning, quality control, customer care, and expertise.

Our customers tell us they used to experience plated steel part return rates of 5.0% or more with their former platers. With us, their plated steel part return rates are about 0.3%, or 1/15th of that. Said another way:

Plateco’s on spec rates average around 99.7%

Plateco’s success rate is over


Our exceptional success rates result from unrivaled plating processes designed to provide a continuous zinc coating over the entire part to maximize corrosion resistance. This allows Plateco’s zinc plating to prolong the life of the base metal and enhances its aesthetic value. It can even be used for identification purposes when combined with one or more of our unprecedented nine colored chromate options.

Our unparalleled precision means that your parts can be plated to any desired thickness to achieve whatever level of protection you require. It also means a level of reliability your current plater could only dream of.

We proudly offer three options to meet all of your zinc plating needs:

We offer state-of-the-art zinc plating using two types of zinc depending on the needs of our customers:

Alkaline Zinc


Provides good brightness


Provides good ductility


Provides good chromate receptivity


Provides reliable & consistent coverage

Chloride Zinc


Provides outstanding brightness


Plates difficult substrates (such as castings)


Reduces abrasion & wear


Improves lubricity


Creates a non-toxic surface

Unrivaled zinc plating. Unrivaled chromating.

In almost all cases involving zinc barrel or rack electroplating, the zinc is coated with an ultra-thin chromate film that protects the zinc much the way the zinc protects the base metal.

The amount of chromate covering a part is only about 1/20th the amount of zinc covering that part, which means the chromate film is so thin that it can’t be machine measured.

It also means that there’s virtually no margin for error when maintaining our chromate baths – and that’s where the unsurpassed expertise of our experienced lab technicians and line operators – our artisans – comes in.

Our artisans’ expertise with chromate film is so exceptional that we’re the only zinc plating company that can chromate your zinc plated part in up to nine different colors.

Don’t your parts deserved to be plated by the ultimate zinc plating company?

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