Don’t Pay More Than You Need To

Mar 24, 2020

As you know if we’ve ever plated any parts for you, we’re pretty much obsessed with quality. We’re constantly striving for perfection in everything we do, and the idea of compromising quality is something that goes against everything we stand for.

HOWEVER…we’re also realists, and we know that on occasion you’ll have a customer whose part doesn’t need to exhibit the level of exceptional plating quality typical of Plateco-plated parts. For example:

  • A part that won’t be exposed to the elements or highly humid environments might not require the zinc coating thickness that most parts do
  • A part that isn’t in view of the end-user might not need to be as cosmetically appealing as other parts do
  • A part that only needs its zinc coating to protect it during the period it sits in inventory

If you’re issuing an RFQ on a part like this, make sure your product specs reflect the quality level that’s really required. If they don’t, there’s a good chance the quote you get back will be at a higher cost than is necessary.