Zinc Barrel Electroplating

Zinc Barrel Electroplating provides a cost-effective means to process a high volume of small, durable steel parts such as stampings and fasteners for corrosion resistance. Using a combination of chemistry and electricity, barrel electroplating uses the rotation or a barrel and part-on-part contact to transfer the electricity that facilitates zinc adhesion. It is very similar to as if you touched an electric fence and then touched another person, the other person would still get shocked even though they were not physically touching the fence themself. Barrel electroplating is also perfect for those smaller parts with blind holes as the rotation of the barrel allows the holes to fill up with solution as well as properly drain, meaning there are no issues with air pockets or bleed out.

Plateco has two fully automated zinc barrel electroplating production lines with the capability of plating up to 800 lbs in one barrel, offering a more economic zinc plating experience. One of these lines specializes in extremely small product, as small as .072” in diameter, and features a slow barrel rotation for those parts that are more delicate in nature. We also offer a number of chromate or passivate coatings including trivalent clear, trivalent yellow, trivalent black, hexavalent black and olive drab passivates as well as various dyed colors.

Plateco also plates to numerous specs, including ASTM B633, John Deere (JDM), Case (CNH), Caterpillar (CAT), Parker Hannifin, and so much more.

The Solution is Automation

Automation is key when it comes to providing our customers with consistent, high-quality product. Not only are our barrel electroplating lines fully automated, but our controls are too! There are many plating related issues that an uncontrolled zinc plating system can lead to, such as contamination due to bad danglers, blistering zinc, rinse stains and more. Each aspect of the plating process is linked to the next, and all of the steps combined result in the final product; proper cleaning and surface preparation free of contaminants lead to superior zinc adhesion; superior zinc adhesion then leads to appropriate passivate adhesion and a shiny and smooth part appearance. To read more about our controls, visit our Unrivaled Zinc Plating page.

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