Unrivaled zinc barrel electroplating

Zinc barrel electroplating is an economical bulk process of plating fasteners and small-to-mid-size stampings.

One of our two state-of-the-art barrel plating lines, the E1 line, has smaller barrels and tiny solution transfer holes in order to accommodate smaller parts.

The other, the E3 line, has large, high-capacity barrels with large solution transfer holes that enable us to electroplate larger stampings than most other barrel platers.

Zinc thickness can range from .0001″ to .001″, with most products requiring .0002″ to .0003″ of zinc. After the part has been zinc plated, we’re able to apply a wide variety of top coats, sealers, or torque modifiers.

A BIG reason…

…why our barrel electroplating process yields superior adhesion of zinc to steel parts is our obsession with cleaning the parts prior to plating.

The parts are processed through a series of alkaline cleaners and an acid pickle to remove oil, scale, and light rust prior to applying the zinc coating.

Both of our barrel lines have three cleaning stages and two stations per stage, for a total of six cleaning stations.

This is far more cleaning stations than any other zinc barrel plater we know of.

Another BIG reason…

…why our electroplating process results in superior adhesion of zinc to steel parts is the fact that we use a chemical bath that’s totally unique in our industry.

Our electroplating zinc bath comprises an unheard-of seven chemicals, two of which are proprietary to Plateco.

As an additional precaution…

…to achieve the highest possible electroplating precision, we utilize one-of-a-kind chemical addition weirs to ensure the proper mix of chemicals is available for our barrel electroplating and rack electroplating lines.

This enables our plated parts to exhibit a degree of smoothness that stands in marked contrast to the rough surface exhibited by many of our competitors’ plated products.

While that’s already far more than other zinc platers do to ensure exceptional adhesion when they elecroplate, we’re not done yet.

We also insist on two stages of rinsing and counter-flowing (versus none for most of our competitors) and four stages of post-plating rinsing.

Our competitors might say that going to the extremes of six cleaning stations, a proprietary plating bath with seven chemicals, and six rinsing stages just proves that we’re “obsessed” with perfection.

And we’d have to agree with them.

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