Unrivaled Zinc Rack Electroplating

Ideal for large, delicate, or complex parts, zinc rack electroplating involves fixturing steel parts to a rack with different types of tooling and then submerging these racks into a zinc plating bath. Using a combination of chemistry and electricity to initiate zinc adhesion, rack electroplating is perfect for corrosion resistance on delicate parts or parts with high cosmetic appearance requirements.

Plateco utilizes over 80 different types of tooling across two rack production lines, much of which were custom built by our experienced team at Plateco. With this amount of tooling, we are able to plate a wide array of parts, from those that are 14.5′ in length and 1,000 pounds to parts that are more complex and have deep recesses, delicate features and/or tight tolerances.

Plateco also plates to numerous specs, including ASTM B633, John Deere (JDM), Case (CNH), Caterpillar (CAT), Parker Hannifin, and so much more.

No Other Rack Electroplater Does This

Automation is key when it comes to providing our customers with consistent, high quality product. Not only are our rack electroplating lines fully automated, but our controls are also too! There are many plating or rust related issues that an uncontrolled zinc plating system can lead to. Each aspect of the plating process is linked to the next, and all of the steps combined result in the final product; proper cleaning and surface preparation free of contaminants lead to superior zinc adhesion; superior zinc adhesion then leads to appropriate passivate adhesion and a shiny and smooth part appearance. To read more about our controls, visit our Unrivaled Zinc Plating page.

Our first rack electroplating line uses a chloride bath to plate parts with zinc. Chloride has great throwing power, so this line is perfect for those parts with deep recesses or parts that require a highly cosmetic appearance. Chloride zinc plating baths provide a deposit that has superior brilliance and leveling capabilities that result in a bright blue finish. This rack electroplating line has a number of chromate or passivate coatings including trivalent clear, trivalent yellow, trivalent black, hexavalent black and olive drab passivates as well as various dyed colors.

Our second rack electroplating line utilizes an alkaline bath for those large or long parts that have a large amount of surface area. Alkaline has superior covering power, meaning it provides a consistent finish across the entirety of the product. In other words, product plated with an alkaline plating bath does not have the zinc build up on the ends. This line also boasts exceptional cleaning capabilities for product that has welded or brazed fittings or components, and it can clean those pesky parts with excess scale or surface contaminants. With the ability to lay down a uniform plating deposit and the strong cleaning capabilities, this line is ideal for product such as hydraulic tubes (not to mention our proprietary sealer used to protect the inside (ID) of the tubes 😉). The passivates here include RoHS compliant trivalent clear and trivalent yellow.

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