Unrivaled zinc rack electroplating

Zinc rack electroplating is most often the choice for large, delicate or complex parts.

Before we rack electroplate, the parts are evaluated by Plateco’s production engineering team to determine the most effective and efficient ways of “fixturing” the parts on the plating rack. The team chooses from Plateco’s unprecedented selection of over 80 racks, many of which were designed by our own people.

With the parts fixed to the ideal racks, we can avoid any possible damage as well as uneven zinc electroplating coverage throughout the entire electroplating process – even for highly complex parts with intricate contours.

We have the ability to rack electroplate a part as large as 14′ 5″.

Our team has an uncanny expertise that allows them to find the rack that will ensure perfect plating coverage for each individual part in the least possible amount of time – and hence at lowest possible cost to the customer.

No other rack electroplater does this

As with barrel electroplating, zinc thickness with rack electroplating can range from .0001″ to .001″, with most products requiring .0002″ to .0003″ of zinc. After the part has been zinc plated, we’re able to apply a wide variety of top coats, sealers, or torque modifiers.

Also, as with barrel electroplating, our rack electroplating process achieves unsurpassed adhesion of zinc to steel parts due to a highly rigorous routine of cleaning, plating and rinsing.

Steel parts that are plated using our rack electroplating process are exposed to up to seven cleaning stages involving alkaline cleaners and an acid pickle to remove oil, scale, and light rust prior to applying the zinc coating.

As far as we can tell, no other rack electroplater does this.

Cleaning up the competition

 As with our barrel electroplating, our rack electroplating zinc bath uses a proprietary chemical bath comprising an unprecedented seven chemicals.

While that’s already far more than other zinc rack platers do to ensure exceptional adhesion, we also use up to two stages of rinsing and counter-flowing (versus none for most of our competitors) and up to four stages of post-plating rinsing.

We know of no other zinc rack electroplater that uses up to seven cleaning stages, a proprietary plating bath with seven chemicals, up to and six rinsing stages to ensure plating perfection. Maybe that’s why we also know of no other zinc rack electroplater that delivers a 99.7% on-spec rate with consistent on-time delivery.

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