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A passion for passivating

Passivation is the process of chemically treating stainless steel to remove free irons from the surface.

We passivate in accordance with ATM A967, and we apply the same dedication to perfection with this that we do with zinc electroplating and mechanical galvanizing.

Baking power

Some plated products require baking to counter hydrogen ions that can creep into micro-cracks and make the product brittle over time.

We use a special hydrogen embrittlement relief oven that gets all parts in the oven up to the right temperature (375-450º F) within 30 minutes and can be baked at that temperature for as long as the customer’s spec requires.

Most competitors use less sophisticated ovens that after 24 hours still can only heat the outside of the mass of parts.

Assembly required?

If you require special assembly services of your plated parts, we’re more than happy to oblige.

And we can meet any of your packaging needs, including any shapes and sizes of boxes, bags and other types of containers.

Special treatment

Each night we treat and release 100,000 gallons of water into the Reedsburg municipal water supply.

And despite the fact that this water is exposed to some pretty potent chemicals during the course of the day’s electroplating, that treated water is actually purer when we release it at night than it is when we bring it into our facility in the morning.

You see, Wisconsin is the perfect place for us,
and we want to do everything we can to keep it clean, safe and beautiful.

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