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Key Positions at the Ultimate Zinc Plating Company

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Plateco is looking for individuals to join our ever-growing family! We look for individuals with a strong work history, excellent work ethic, are team players, and are safety orientated. Plateco provides employees with a quality work-life balance. We work hard to ensure that we align individuals with positions that meet their skill set and love to promote from within! Please see the key positions within our organization and let us know if you would like to become a member of the Plateco family!

Personnel Director
The Personnel Director is responsible for all activities related to hiring and firing employees. This includes determining the job classification, compensation, and benefits for each position. This also often involves developing and implementing recruitment and employee evaluation policies and establishing testing and training procedures. The Personnel Director must be skilled in the daily duties of face-to-face employee relations, maintaining morale in a fast-paced environment, and overseeing a wide variety of tasks. The Personnel Director must be particularly adept at the screening, recruiting, interviewing, and placing of new hires. They will be responsible for the compiling and maintenance of personnel records and for planning, coordinating, and preparing Plateco employee benefits for enrollment. In addition, the Personnel Director will be responsible for posting and preparing wages, deductions, and paychecks.

Dynamic Administrator
The Dynamic Administrator is responsible for computing, classifying, and recording data for the company’s financial record-keeping. They perform a combination of calculating, posting, and verifying duties involving financial data, audit the accuracy of figures, calculations, postings recorded by others, and to compile and notify customers of amounts owed. The Dynamic Administrator is also responsible for compiling data, computing fees and charges, and preparing invoices for billing purposes.

Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
The Shipping and Receiving Supervisor oversees and coordinates the activities of shipping and receiving customer product. They are responsible for preparing outgoing shipments and receiving incoming shipments. The Shipping and Receiving Supervisor will organize the warehouse for easy retrieval as new orders come in, review incoming and outgoing shipment schedules to maintain productive operations, and document any damages to inventory or customer product. They will also schedule large shipments and plan logistics to ensure that there is sufficient storage space for incoming items and staff on hand to manage the shipments.

Order Entry Specialist
The Order Entry Specialist receives and inputs data into database system to generate work orders for production in addition to cataloguing the data with appropriate tags for ease of reference. Their primary duties include entering customer purchase orders, filing work orders, and preparing paperwork for shipping orders out of the system. You must possess organizational and data entry skills and demonstrate rigorous attention to detail.

Truck Driver
The Truck Driver is responsible for transporting customer product from Plateco’s facility to customer facilities. They need to abide by traffic laws and ensure the safe loading, unloading, and delivery of their destination. In addition, the truck driver needs to ensure all product is secured and properly arranged by balancing it within the vehicle. All customer facilities are withing a 250-mile radius from Plateco. The Truck Driver must be able to accurately complete required paperwork, schedule maintenance repairs on trucks, and develop good rapport with customer personnel on loading docks.

Traffic Clerk
The Traffic Clerk provides administrative and clerical support to the shipping and receiving department. They are responsible for all aspects of routing, shipping, logging, and the tracking of inbound and outbound orders. The Traffic Clerk is responsible for contacting transporters for freight pick-up and ensures cargo is routed appropriately. Other responsibilities of the Traffic Clerk include customer relations using phone and email, dispatching drivers, receiving parts, and tagging them properly. Additionally, the Traffic Clerk prepares and processes bills of lading (BOL) as well as other shipping documentation.

Shipping and Receiving Assistant
The Shipping and Receiving Assistant is responsible for receiving parts, tagging them properly, and moving to the appropriate staging areas. They will facilitate in the shipments and receipts of customer products, materials, and supplies. The Shipping and Receiving Assistant is also responsible for moving semi-trucks in and out of docks and working with material handlers on wrapping/handling product to ship in accordance with customer and Plateco requirements.

Estimating Engineer
The Estimating Engineer is responsible for interpreting customer drawings and creating a configuration by determining part orientation and process steps. The configuration is then used to create the production work order that is used by production personnel to process product according to customer specifications. The Estimating Engineer also determines the scope of each project, required contents of the estimate, as well as the costs associated with the project and its impact on the organization, to determine if the project is feasible or not.

Manufacturing Engineer
The Manufacturing Engineer develops and improves manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing methods to ensure product is being processed in the most efficient manner while also complying with customer specifications. The Manufacturing Engineer develops the processing of customer product by interpreting customer specifications and determining the appropriate process. This may include researching, designing, modifying, and testing processes to ensure compliance. They also assure product and process quality by testing finished- product and process capabilities, establishing standards, and confirming manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Lab Technician
Manufacturing lab technician will carry out various tasks in our busy production floor. The ideal candidate will have strong teamwork and interpersonal skills, be able to work a in a very interactive and self-directed environment, excellent communication skills, and a strong work ethic. The lab technicians will be responsible for performing tests on chemistry and process related solutions according to required methods and calibration / maintenance of lab equipment. They are also responsible for communicating information effectively and timely with management, monitoring processes effectively, and following lab safety practices and procedures.

Lab Supervisor
The Lab Supervisor manages the operation and maintenance of the plating processes, in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements for a safe working environment. They maintain various chemical baths and tanks for advanced plating process and material development. This includes tank make-up, daily chemical analyzing, adjusting, and maintaining process parameters. The Lab Supervisor will also be responsible identifying the root cause of any problems and implement permanent, corrective action. In addition, they will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of MSDS and environmental standards, collecting, maintaining, and executing required records.

Quality Systems Supervisor
The Quality Supervisor manages and implements the company’s quality assurance and control systems to ensure proper execution of products and customer satisfaction every time. From leading quality control inspectors to implementing best practices throughout the production process, the Quality Supervisor is the gatekeeper between defining products expectations and ending up in the customers’ hands. People in this role are committed to ensuring a product is executed flawlessly whenever possible. The Quality Supervisor oversees and monitors the inspection and testing of materials, parts, and products to ensure adherence to established quality standards. Establishes inspection protocols, defines sampling procedures, and determined equipment and mechanisms to be used in the testing process.

Quality Inspector
The quality inspector is responsible for reviewing products and materials during manufacturing to make sure they meet company requirements. Quality Inspectors remove faulty items from the production line and report them to management to prevent sending poor quality items to customers. Their duties include measuring objects compared to Plateco’s internal specifications, running quality tests, and identifying defects. The quality inspector will accept or reject finished products and discuss inspection results with the quality supervisor.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Account Administrator
The Account Administrator responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, answering customer inquiries, and identify new business opportunities among existing customers. This includes assisting with the process of orders, prepare correspondences, expediting, and fulfilling customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction. The Account Administrator will be a liaison between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs. They will also reach out to current customers and new customers to ensure their satisfaction within the organization.

Sales and Marketing Analyst
The Sales & Marketing Analyst will optimize promotional and operational efforts through the analysis and prediction of sales trends and markets. They will assess data like customer metrics, competitor information, and sales channels to determine the best methods of increasing both revenue and market share. They will communicate with new prospects (cold calls), prospective customers (warm leads) and existing customers to increase sales of Plateco products and/or services. Contact will be conducted primarily by phone and secondarily by email. The Sales Analyst will coordinate with Sales and Marketing Manager to ensure that sales goals and customer needs are met. Develop, solicit, and finalize agreements with new accounts and generate sales quotations/estimates.

Sales and Marketing Manager
The Sales and Marketing Manager’s duties will consist of the creation for advertising, the selling of Plateco’s products, and the creation of competitive advantages for our company in the market industry. The Sales and Marketing Manager’s responsibilities include generating unique sales plans, creating engaging advertisements, emails, and promotional literature, developing pricing strategies, developing, and meeting marketing and sales objectives. They represent the company’s brand and drive strategies to increase product awareness by observing the market, competitors, and industry trends. They possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing and the zinc plating industry to ensure Plateco is meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


Production Line Operator
Production line operators are to carry out various tasks in our busy production floor. The ideal candidate will have some mechanical and production experience, excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic. Production personnel will be responsible for operating production line equipment and preparing product for processing. To be successful as a production line operator you should be able to work on the production line with consistent speed and accuracy, should be able to maintain production standards, and work towards improving productivity without compromising quality.

Production Supervisor
The Production Supervisor oversees the staff for the manufacturing process, in addition to scheduling, organizing, and monitoring the workflow of customer product. They will accomplish this by communicating job expectations with production personnel, monitoring and appraising job results, and coaching employees. The Production Supervisor will maintain workflow by monitoring steps of the process, setting process variables, monitoring personnel and resources, and implementing any opportunities for cost reductions. The Production Supervisor will develop reporting procedures and systems to facilitate corrections with any malfunctions of the process.


Maintenance Technician
The maintenance technician is responsible for conducting general maintenance and repairs on facility equipment and property structures. This includes maintenance and repairs for assigned equipment and facilities including plumbing, electrical, basic carpentry, heating and cooling, and other building systems. They ensure that heating and plumbing systems perform at optimum functionality, and the upkeep of the landscape. The Maintenance Technician will have experience using hand tools and power tools, fabrication experience, electrical experience, and welding experience. They also be responsible for interpreting blueprints, completing preventative maintenance tasks, and operating large equipment.