Unrivaled zinc mechanical galvanizing

Zinc mechanical galvanizing is usually the best option when a steel part requires a particularly thick zinc coating.

And we’re pretty proud of our zinc mechanical galvanizing capabilities, as we’re pretty sure we were the first company on the planet to figure out how to mechanically galvanize steel parts in large quantities. We actually discovered that a cement mixer barrel would do the trick quite nicely. Today, we use three state-of-the-art barrels, two of which are literally 10 times the size of our old cement mixer barrel.

Our three zinc mechanical galvanizing lines offer the following benefits:


No need for hydrogen embrittlement relief


Exceptional coating uniformity


Superb corrosion protection


An excellent alternative for "hot dipping"

Our Artisans

With mechanical galvanizing, unlike with electroplating, it’s not possible to control the science with computerized automation. This puts the burden on our line operators – our artisans – to control the concentration, temperature and time exposure of the plating chemicals, the speed and angle of the barrel, and many other process variables. And it’s a burden they bear with truly amazing results.

As with barrel and rack zinc electroplating, cleaning plays a crucial role in the ability of our mechanical galvanizing lines to provide superior adhesion of our zinc to steel parts. The difference is that because mechanical galvanizing is a batch process, it relies on the expert judgment of our artisans – rather than a series of cleaning stations – to determine when the cleaning process is complete.

No other plating company can touch our artisans’ expertise in these areas. In fact, we’re pretty sure no other plating company would ever think to call its line operators “artisans”!

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