Don’t Forget the P.O. – That’s an Order!

Mar 12, 2019

Many times when we pick up a customer’s product, there’s no purchase order prepared for our driver. When the product is brought back to our plant, the lack of a P.O. makes it impossible for our Data Entry Perfectionist to enter the parts into our system. This forces us to detour the parts through our receiving area instead of sending them directly into production. Our salespeople then need to contact the customer the next day to request the pertinent information, and it’s not unusual for this to delay the whole process by one to three days.

So if you want to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your plated parts back, please make sure you have a P.O. ready when the parts leave your plant. And, of course, please make sure the P.O. has all the pertinent information, such as weight, dimensions, quantity, packaging, color, thickness and other key specs.