Combine Small Orders for BIG Savings!

Nov 10, 2019

Our smallest mechanical galvanizing barrel is designed to hold up to 675 pounds of parts; our largest barrel holds up to 2,600 pounds. As you might imagine, mechanically galvanizing only 10 or 20 pounds of metal parts in these barrels can be a major challenge. And in fact, most plating companies struggle with galvanizing orders of less than 100 pounds because it is difficult to generate enough energy to initiate the plating process.

Fortunately, our exceptionally talented mechanical galvanizing artisans are always up to the task, including when that task is handling smaller orders. Even for them, however, the process time for a small order can take up to twice as long as a 100+ lb. order. For this reason, the cost will usually be higher on a per-part basis than for larger orders.

Rather than having us periodically mechanically galvanize a single small order of parts, it would be preferable to combine several small orders of the same part – or possibly to combine several small orders of different parts – into a single large order of several hundred pounds. Your price-per-part will be lower, and the quality of the galvanizing will be optimal as well.

In other words, when it comes to small orders, our mechanical galvanizing gang likes it when you gang up on us!