One of our favorite business quotes is, “I hate surprises, because 99% of surprises are bad surprises!” At Plateco, we go to great lengths to avoid ever having to surprise our customers with bad news, especially having to tell them that a cost estimate we gave them was too low. Believe us, we know how frustrating it can be for you to have to increase your project costs midway through the process.

Unfortunately, the truth is that if a customer doesn’t give us enough information when we’re asked to provide a cost estimate, it’s possible that our initial estimate will inadvertently omit one or more key costs. And we usually aren’t able to discover this omission until we’re well into the plating process.

The good news: We have an easy way for customers to minimize the risk of this happening. The third page of the quotation document we give our customers consists of the following questionnaire:


If you ever feel a project you’ve asked us to bid on might be more complex than usual, we encourage you to fill out this questionnaire. This way, if we have to increase our estimate, you’ll know before the plating process begins.

This will greatly reduce the risk of negative surprises. And you can quote us on that!