Human Monitoring

Whoever said “To err is human” obviously erred.

Your current plating company may claim that “To err is human,” but we think that’s a cop-out. In fact, we think it’s an insult. You see, the humans at Plateco believe that their job is to prevent errors, not to make excuses for them.

In the spirit of leaving nothing to chance, our people complement our automatic monitors by performing a series of quality control checks throughout the plating process. And if they detect a problem, they’re empowered to immediately shut the line down until the problem is fixed.

Perhaps the most important check they make is to regularly measure and record the plating thickness of samples and then submit a detailed product quality report.

Some plating companies do this only occasionally, while others never do it. We do it after each and every run.

The ultimate perfectionists.

While everyone at Plateco is responsible for quality control, no one feels that responsibility more than the members of our Quality Control Department.

These people have been specially selected for their exceptional passion for perfection, and they could not take their jobs more seriously.

Our QC team religiously adheres to the most rigorous quality control standards to ensure that nothing leaves our factory unless it meets or exceeds our customers’ specifications.

Perfectionists embracing imperfection.

Another thing you probably won’t see at any other plating factory is the willingness to not only admit mistakes, but to embrace them.

Every morning, our Quality Control Department leads a meeting of all of department heads to review every product we rejected from the prior day.

This meeting isn’t behind closed doors; it’s out in the open for all to see, including any current or prospective customers who might be taking a factory tour.

And the meeting doesn’t end until we understand not only the problem that caused each and every reject, but what it will take to keep that problem from happening again.

Our competitors probably think we’re crazy to publicly display our rejects this way. But the way we see it, smart customers would rather see our rejects on our factory floor than on theirs.

In fact, we’re actually proud when we catch a reject. After all, when your quality is as exceptional as ours is, finding a product that hasn’t been plated perfectly is quite a feat!

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