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We love dirty parts!

Here’s a little secret that a lot of plating companies don’t seem to understand: a critical key to exceptional plating is exceptional cleaning.

When our customers’ steel parts are manufactured, the heat treating, welding and brazing processes can dehydrate and bake oil and flux onto the surface of the parts. And if a part is covered in oil and flux, the zinc is simply not going to adhere to the part properly.

Cleaning that “dirt” from steel parts isn’t easy, as our customers well know. While many customers will attempt to clean their parts before shipping them to us, those parts almost always require additional cleaning. Fortunately for them, we love a challenge, which is why we love cleaning steel parts.

More important, we have unprecedented capabilities when it comes to cleaning parts – even parts with deep, hard-to-access recesses – which is a big reason why we’re able to pursue and achieve our ultimate goal of plating perfection.

Here are a few “Before” and “After” photos
demonstrating our incomparable cleaning capabilities:

Bolt before and after Plateco
Bolt before and after Plateco

With both our barrel and rack electroplating, parts are processed through a series of alkaline cleaners and an acid pickle to remove oil, scale, and light rust prior to applying the zinc coating.

Both of our barrel lines have three cleaning stages and two stations per stage, for a total of six cleaning stations per line.

This is far more cleaning stations than any other zinc barrel plater we know of.

Steel parts plated using our rack electroplating process are exposed to up to seven cleaning stages involving alkaline cleaners and an acid pickle to remove oil, scale, and light rust prior to applying the zinc coating.

As far as we can tell, no other rack electroplater does this.

Another big reason our electroplating process results in superior adhesion of zinc to steel parts is the fact that we use a chemical bath that’s totally unique in our industry.

Our electroplating zinc bath comprises an unheard-of seven chemicals, two of which are proprietary to Plateco.

Not only do we clean steel parts exceptionally well, we do it exceptionally economically.

And that’s because we’ve developed a proprietary process that allows us to do several stages of cleaning in line.

This means we only have to touch the parts once, which saves us labor and our customers money.

In fact, it’s fine with us if you don’t even bother to clean your parts before sending them to us. After all, it just gives us another opportunity to show off!

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